Balasar Freguesia Poveira da Póvoa de Varzim

Balasar It is a parish Poveira, known worldwide as a center of Christian pilgrimage because of the life and virtues of compatriot Blessed Alexandrina Maria da Costa, beatified in 2004 Pope John Paul II. Because of its internationalization, receives visitors daily. In ancient times, Balasar was a Luso-Roman villa, pertencente à Cividade de Bagunte. The very name of “Balazar” It is a corruption of “Belizári”, whose old form, proven in some documents, era “Belzer”. Up until 1836, was a parish dependent on Barcelos, having then carried over to the county of Povoa de Varzim; in 1853, It was transferred to Vila Nova de Famalicão, but, two years later, He returned to the county Varzim.

Formerly the area that corresponds to the current parish Balasar It was quite different than it is today, from the name to the way it is divided. Portugal had still not been formed and already in the year 1090 the first records associated with the parish had been mentioned by Censual of Bishop Pedro. On General D Inquiries. Afonso II 1220, It appears now referred to as “Holy Eolália of Belzar“. Balasar It is now the farthest town from the county seat, the innermost and predominantly rural.

Beatification of Alexandrina Maria da Costa by Pope John Paul II, in the S Square. Pedro, no vaticano, a 25 April 2004, He added a great reputation and development to the parish. However, ever since 1941 that Alexandrina was known as “the Santinha of Balasar”. Blessed Alexandrina devoted his life to God after in young have been the victim of attempted rape, having been thrown from a window to avoid, which left her quadriplegic. He left a vast work writing ascetic nature and, among its publishers from various countries, Highlight some Italian authors and ” Alexandrina Society”, based in Ireland. The Parish Church of Santa Eulalia de Balasar, conspicuous place point of interest, It is the parish church headquarters, and that is where are kept the remains of Blessed Alexandrina.

Note also that the apparition of the Holy Cross of Balasar, in 1832, in place of Calvary, and the subsequent devotion that motivated had also given great emphasis to this parish, as evidenced for example novel Tuas Fiandeiras the poveiro Francisco Gomes de Amorim.

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