Navais Zona Portuguesa da Póvoa de Varzim

Medieval parish, Naval It was also the former parish, We had this civil status of 1836 is 2013. Today is a Union of Parishes area of ​​Aguçadoura and Marine, belonging to the county poveiro. Identified in the ninth century as De Nabales, these lands appear documented in Braga censual eleventh century. The inquiries of 1220 is 1258 mention Naval as “Holy Saviour of the barge”.

Already existed in 1080. The inquiries of Afonso III, it is said that the parish priest of Nabais It was Queen cleric D. Brites, which was the second wife of King and D mom. Dinis. As a handwriting, only in the early sixteenth century appears the Marine way, who lived during this period with the previous – Nabais. Up until 1836, belonged to Barcelos county, passing on that date for the Povoa de Varzim and up 1933 the current village Aguçadoura was an integral part of Naval, being made that year the split that led to the creation of Aguçadora. In 2013, under a national administrative reform, loses autonomous parish status and is aggregated to the nearby parish Aguçadoura.

The Fountain of Moura Encantada is an ancient source. Once, the spring water was used to celebrate Masses, the people blamed him legends and magical virtues, from a yoke of gold bulls that there appeared to witches there was combed overnight. The source is located a few dozen meters down the hill from the old Castro Marine, a village castrejo. The source is quite old, clearly Romanized, and only one can suppose that have been used in the Castro era, It is associated with the pagan deity Moura Encantada is not with the Moorish people.

Stresses on the ground or Folkloric Group “The Peasants Marine” who was born in 1983 and since its foundation has developed folklore, observing with great rigor the uses and customs of Naval and Povoa de Varzim. A dedicated ethnographic research work, brought the costumes characteristic group of various agricultural chores related to the field and the party. The dances and the songs these were born of the earth, as the yard fashions, and work songs that are an important part of their repertoire. The Folkloric Group “The Peasants Marine” It is affiliated to INATEL and is a member of the Portuguese Folklore Federation, if only in Povoa.

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