S. Pedro e os Bairros
S. Pedro e os Bairros
Santo António, S. João e o S. Pedro
Mãe, Hoje Não Durmo em Casa!

The poveiro, seaman, It is a sincere believer. When have, there andadeiro of saints who knock at his door that does not lead to alms, always accompanied by his prayer to the saint remembered for that: “Lady of Sorrows give me health” or “S. José worth me” or yet “Senhor dos Aflitos nos acude“. When do not, it can, in winters, snap of hunger and this force him to commit the amounts and the walk these villages out, door to door, the houses of farmers, a pedir a esmolinha para o “poveirinho that the Lord does not give the sea“, that money in them is – and it could stave off hunger many days – It is sacred, do not touch him.

It is fruitful in promises to the saints. In the smallest distress at sea or on land makes a promise, waiting for a miracle any. But these are serious saints, carrancudos, who can not play, although some are benevolent. There are also saints bonacheirões, leaving The poveiro play with joy, drink a drop in his honor, shoot the breeze brejeiras two songs and send the devil passions. These are the three popular saints of the Portuguese: San Antonio, S. John and S. Pedro, o preferido d’ The poveiro. You can even say that what is most interesting in the songbook of the people of Povoa de Varzim is due to the celebration of this holy, Fisheries neighborhoods reach a certain oddity: On the eve, All lie in the altar, full of flowers and candles, that burn all night to illuminate the holy; in the streets, beside the gates, the fire, and here and there folk dances with singing to the challenge.

This is the great popular festival, at where The poveiro expands exuberantly. Ranches and bonfires, violas and triangles and botador verses of the songs that begins with the life of S. Pedro ou brejeirices em nome dele. For example:

O’ My Peter
O’ My Peter
O’ meu c’ reca
I will go to the octopus to your Provide.

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