Conhecer O Poveiro, Usos e Costumes
Conhecer O Poveiro
Se Não És Poveiro Não És Boa Bisca

Os usos e costumes d’ The poveiro, what are your laws, They constitute a moral beauty that very impressive background who becomes acquainted with them, by knowing that their charming highlights, it brings to us a spirit of justice, security and solidarity, that kept coming arreigadamente, from remote ages, today makes us vibrate by spells terminating.

Strong, rude, vive do mar e para o mar. And is, no mar, the most daring fisherman coast, afoitando to the longer distances, braving in their tiny, fragile boats the highest temporal, a comfortable and chills that haunts.

A pesca domina-o, subjuga-o, intoxicates him. Come to fish tune into thick shoals that there is no bad time to The poveiro: throws herself into the sea. And if anyone see her grave risk running, he replies with serenity and trust:

“It is our life” …

Life that is, how many times, a morte.

Conhecer O Poveiro, Usos e Costumes
Conhecer O Poveiro, Usos e Costumes

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