Entrevista de Brito Pinheiro ao Póvoa Semanário
Brito Pinheiro Fundador da Marca
Entrevista de Brito Pinheiro ao Póvoa Semanário


O “Weekly Varzim” He was chatting with Brito Pinheiro (BP), mentor d’ The poveiro, que nos contou como tudo começou e as ideias para o futuro da marca.

PS – How the project came about ?
BP – The project was born in 2013. When reading the book "The Poveiro", the António dos Santos Graça, book about morals, traditions and legends of the people of Varzim, I realized it was a good opportunity to develop into picture what there was exposed. After overcome some hardship in regard to the trade mark, objective achieved, no S. Last year's Peter joined a group of friends, we had a dinner and we were already celebrating with The poveiro. That is why, one can even say that the poveiro hit the streets in June 2014. There was a general curiosity, all people, to see the first products of O poveiro. After, since I have great interest, meeting a working group, a group of people who feel and love Varzim. O POVEIRO é assim um projeto cultural cujo objetivo será a transposição da linguagem da obra do António dos Santos Graça, which is a language of the thirties of the last century, for now language, Contemporary, Typical of this new century. There was absolute need to go accustoming our target audience the content of the author's work, testing whether the images were constructed according to the imagination of people. An attempt was made to design and culture were united and, mainly, He tried to show how was the book, how the features were d’ The poveiro, so, we are in the background trying to take an active role in the city's culture and reveal historical and social aspects of Poveiros, with a new language, we believe that more appealing and appropriate. The Facebook page of O poveiro is about to hit the 10 thousand followers, which is extraordinarily good.

PS – What are the objectives d’ The poveiro ?
BP – First of all, show our roots. Be an example image of what are our traditions, our people and represent a people. It intends to dignify the Poveiros. The aim is also, from now on, trying to show Varzim in another way. Like this, estamos a trabalhar para elevar a Póvoa e dignificar este povo maravilhoso. Mas reavivar a cultura local é uma expressão que resume o nosso objetivo.

Entrevista de Brito Pinheiro ao Póvoa Semanário

PS – They are pleased with the commitment of the people ?
BP – Very satisfied. We had so much praise on facebook and personally. People are to associate with the brand and are enjoying. Membership is very strong and we are right to be “pushed” for this to be a project that do not stop.

PS – Therefore, They have received positive opinions of people. What's the balance that make so far ?
BP – The balance is necessarily positive. For example, we are being constantly interrupted in this conversation is because a lot of people contact us, with people to come even seek “the fish poveiro”, que são os nossos produtos. Mas queria acrescentar uma coisa: this our activity, over these months, it mean, for us, a very large increase in responsibility, before Poveiros and before the various institutions representing the. One must realize that you are dealing with the history of Varzim, with the characteristics of Poveiros and why things have to be necessarily very well made and thought, the various plans in which we are working.

PS – There have been presented three collections of the brand. There has been much demand ?
BP- The collections call themselves “Anatomy of Poveiro”, "Safra sardine” is “Moro à beira do mar”. People have been aware and giving us congratulations. Está a superar as expectativas dos próprios poveiros. As três coleções apresentadas, as close as, They are based on the book Grace Santos. So, cada coleção que O POVEIRO vai apresentar é baseada em capítulos ou temas que o próprio autor desenvolveu. There are two other collections production, one finish and another in study and development.

PS – What about the future ?
BP- It's a very high responsibility project and we have to develop unhurriedly, but without breaks. It is intended as the next few months involved in the project to Póvoa society and establish partnerships with several institutions Varzim. Pretende-se também implementar um cariz de solidariedade social da marca e estamos a estudar a melhor forma de o fazer. Queremos estudar parcerias com vários pontos de venda, in Povoa and beyond, and more there forward to establish a strong dialogue with the diaspora Poveira, in Portugal and abroad, for example with the houses of Poveiros around the world.

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